What We Should Do In Quarantine- Neelum Muneer

What We Should Do In Quarantine- Neelum Muneer

Things have changed a lot after the CoronaVirus. Every city, every town is locked down to control the issue but unfortunately, the virus is spreading rapidly all over the world. Scientists are trying hard to find the cure until then, all we can do is stay inside our homes. Quarantine yourself for a few days to protect everyone from the deadly virus.


All Pakistani celebrities are making their videos and uploading them on social media to create awareness among their fans and followers. People are requested to maintain social distance, more intake of Vitamin C, improve the immune system, wear a mask and wash hands after every 30 minutes to protect themselves.


Neelam Muneer made a video to inspire her fans and followers. She requested everyone to stay calm and don’t panic. Put your trust in Allah as He is the only one who can save us all. Allah has given us a chance to worship Him and apologize for all our minor and major sins. It’s the right time!

Under her video, people started criticizing her. Some said that she had nothing to do that’s why she is giving lectures, while others were talking about her dressing. It’s her life and she will be answerable for her sins. Instead of criticizing her, focus on yourself.

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