What Did Fahad Mustafa Say On Feroze Khan Quitting Showbiz

What Did Fahad Mustafa Say On Feroze Khan Quitting Showbiz

Actor Feroze Khan recently announced that he had quit the showbiz to follow his religion and that he would only act in projects that focused on spreading the message of Islam.

Feroze’s decision was met with a lot of appreciation by his fans and followers. In fact fellow actor Hamza Ali Abbasi also congratulated Feroze for such a bold decision at the peak of his career. However, Fahad Mustafa believes something else when it comes to Feroze Khan quitting showbiz.

Talking to Momin Ali Munshi in his digital show, Fahad was asked what he thought about Feroze quitting showbiz. Keeping a very matter of fact tone, Fahad said, “I think one should give oneself some time. Even if you’ve taken such a decision, one should give some time because if you want to return back some day, it’ll be very difficult.

Adding that he sometimes felt the same, Fahad stated,” I get such thoughts every day but I don’t say anything. Why do we have to say everything on social media? Everyday I think I’ll quit my show, but do I do that? We should always give ourselves some time before taking such a big decision.”

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