Wedding Pictures Of Asma Rahman Daughter Of Mir Shakeel-ur-Rahman

Wedding Pictures Of Asma Rahman Daughter Of Mir Shakeel-ur-Rahman

Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman is Pakistan’s second richest man. As a businessman, he is known as the owner of the Geo TV and Jang group of newspapers. National Accountability Bureau (NAB) arrested Mir Shakeel over a land transaction dating back to 1986. NAB also accused him of scoring illegal concessions in the purchase of plots in the eastern city of Lahore.

Mir Shakeel spends millions of riyals on his daughter’s wedding that took place in Dubai back in 2013. Asma Rahman had a royal wedding where many Bollywood celebrities were invited. Shahrukh Khan along with his wife, Hrithik Roshan and his wife, Arjun, and many others were spotted at the wedding event.

Pakistani politicians Pervaiz Musharraf, Najam Sethi, Kamran Khan, and Aitizaz Hussain were all present and chattering with the guests. Asma Rahman wore a heavily embroidered bridal dress and made a royal entrance. More than 3.5million AED was spent on the one-night wedding event. Shahrukh Khan and other celebrities were paid heavily to attend the event.

Here are some wedding pictures of Asma Rahman. Have a look and tell us what do you all think of them. Is it ok to spend so much money on wedding functions?

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