Unseen Rare Pictures of Huma Nawab

Unseen Rare Pictures of Huma Nawab

Turning the pages back to the early ’90s, you will find many celebrities in our drama industry who were once all loved for their work and were at the peak of their careers and then, they left acting. Huma Nawab is one of them. Huma has seen a high peak after playing the roles in dramas like Aahat, Silsila, Chand Grihan, and Dhoop main Sawan. If you are one of Huma’s fan, you would know how different she has always been from her fellow celebrities. Whether it be her husky voice, her acting or the way she carries herself, there is surely no one even close to Huma Nawab’s personality.

The actress left acting and went to America and stayed away from the screen for quite a while. She then returned to Pakistan as her mother wanted her to be with Huma and since then, she is permanently living in Islamabad.

Huma has now made a comeback in dramas and her fans have now witnessed a new angle of her acting.

You would not find much about Huma Nawab and her happening on the internet so here is a compilation of Huma Nawab’s beautiful but unseen pictures. Have a look!

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