Shehzad Roy Shares Message On Coronavirus Outbreak

Shehzad Roy Shares Message On Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus is rapidly spreading around the globe. Its high time that we all take it seriously and start taking precautions.

Shehzad Roy released a video message to share some tips to save yourself from Coronavirus.

He said, “I got the opportunity to visit CM house and meet the task force assigned to deal with Coronavirus. I am glad that the Government is taking it seriously because it is a serious situation.”

The singer continued, “I just want to request to those who are listening that please don’t shake hands even if they find it offensive. Don’t do public gatherings whether its wedding or religious gatherings.”

He shares that he was passing by Sea View and he felt like people are celebrating New Year’s or some kind of vacations. He said, “We need to behave like noble creature as this is a serious situation. We don’t need to panic but protect each other.”

He advised that we must practice social distancing and don’t go out unless we have some important work to do.

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