Sara Loren’s Beautiful Career Journey

Sara Loren’s Beautiful Career Journey

Mona Lizza, most popularly known as Sara Loren, is a Pakistani actress and model who is known for her Hindi and Urdu movies and television serials.

Recently, Sara Loren appeared as a guest on Rewind with Samina Peerzada show. She talked about her personal and professional life and shared some beautiful memories and struggles of her life.

Samina Peerzada asked her how she became a part of the entertainment industry. Sara Loren said that she started working at the age of 12, right after her father died because she had to support her family.

She further added that she was a tomboy with an imaginary bike, but at the age of 12, she started working as a model. Because she was a tomboy, she didn’t know anything about modeling or expressions. All she knew was, she needs money to support her family and to give her siblings a bright future. Now she is mentally satisfied that her siblings are mature enough to live a successful life. Sara was there for her family in difficult times.

After modeling, she got the opportunity to work in an Indian and Pakistani film and drama serials. With the continuous struggle and hard work, she is a known model and actress at an international level.

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