Saba Qamar Reveals Her Marriage Plans

Saba Qamar Reveals Her Marriage Plans

Saba Qamar has done wonderful work in many drama serials and she has a great number of fans. To connect with her fans, she did an online #AskSaba session where her fans were allowed to ask questions.

The Baaghi actress came with great comebacks and it was a fun session where we got to see a witty side of the actress.

In #AskSaba session, she revealed her marriage plans when one of her fans asked, “hi. Just wanted to ask you that why are you not married yet? #asksaba i want to listen your story.”

Her response to this question shows she is not going to get married soon as she has not found her life partner.

The Cheekh actress responded, “Because I haven’t found someone who I can spend my entire life with.”

Saba Qamar’s marriage plans:

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