Public Reaction On Last Episode Of Drama Serial Sabaat

Public Reaction On Last Episode Of Drama Serial Sabaat

Drama serial Sabaat started starring the stellar cast; Mawra Hocane ( Anaya) and Sarah Khan (Miral) played the leading roles, the new boy Ameer Gilani (Hassan) also played the leading male in this drama. The main inducement that the drama had was Usman Mukhtar (Dr. Haris) who already gave exceptional performance in drama serial Anaa and same was expected from him.

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The drama started off with a high note. Anaya portrayed a strong girl with high moral values belonging to a middle class family. Miral and Hasan portrayed siblings belonging to a powerful house hold. Hassan fell head over heels for Anaya after an ugly fight and marries her. Where As Miral Being a controlling spoiled brat made it sole purpose of her life to destroy the life of Anaya.

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Dr. Haris played a psychiatrist who fell in love with his patient Miral and these two got married.

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Miral kept on poking in life of Hassan taking cover of Hassan’s friend Atif and finally succeeded in her mission proving Anaya a characterless girl in front of Hassan.

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Anaya left Hasan without giving any clarifications. She gave birth to a son and started her life as an independent single parent after losing her father.

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Miral also decides to end her marriage with Dr. Haris because of her controlling nature as she gets her ex-fiancé back in her life.

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In the end, the Evil Miral faces and accident resulting a swift change in her nature. She instantly regrets all her bad deeds. Tells Hassan how she made his life miserable and also went to Aanya’s house to accept all her sins. Dr. Haris also forgives Miral showing her endless love for his wife and hence the drama had a fairy tale ending.

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Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gilani performed exceptionally well in drama serial Sabbat and received a lot of critical as well as commercial acclamation. The drama became part of a controversy for showing doctor patient relationship which is wrong in so many ways; but the director tried to overcome this flaw as much as they could. The drama had a typical expected end, both Anaya and Dr. Haris forgave the misdeeds of their better halves heading towards happily ever after!

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Here we have gathered some public opinion on the last episode of drama serial Sabbat. People are simply in love with this the last episode of drama serial Sabaat. Let’s have a look at what people have to say about it

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