Nida And Yasir Cleaning In Quarantine Time

Nida And Yasir Cleaning In Quarantine Time

The world is practising self-isolation and social distancing and people are indulging in different activities to keep themselves active.

Everyone is sharing their quarantine stories on social media to connect with the community and motivate others.

There are so many activities that you can do while in quarantine and our celebrities have been doing different activities to stay active and positive.

Yasir Nawaz and Nida Yasir shared their quarantine time activity. The duo is spending time with family and cleaning up their whole space.

Yasir Nawaz shared, “Quarantine, family time, clean your own space

There are so many hobbies that you can adopt while in quarantine including; exercising, writing, reading, watching your favourite shows.

Share with us your quarantine time activities in the comments section.

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