Musaddiq Malik’s Point Of View On Current Controversy

Musaddiq Malik’s Point Of View On Current Controversy

Women are the most precious creation of Allah Almighty. Islam gives equal rights and respect to women to live their lives the way they want, and they should know their boundaries. Both genders should respect each other to live a happy life.

Khalil-ur-Rehman abused a lady on a live television show and Marvi Sarmad abused people on Twitter, they both are equally guilty. Both should apologize for their mistakes. Many Pakistani celebrities are sharing their point of view on the current controversy on social media.

Musaddiq Malik took to his official Instagram and shared his opinion. Being a neutral person, he believes that no one should be allowed to talk to anyone like that would be it a man or a woman that too on national TV.

Talking to the media he mentioned that they should have called scholars or activists to talk on Aurat March, but no, they called Khalil-ur-Rehman because they knew he had no control and will give them a rating.

Lastly, he mentioned the public in his post. Addressing them he said that live our life the way you want and let others live their own life. We all are responsible for our actions. Respect women!

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