Muniba Mazari Disguested By Fayyaz Ul Hassan’s Comments

Muniba Mazari Disguested By Fayyaz Ul Hassan’s Comments

The provincial minister of Punjab for information and culture, Fayan Ul Hassan Chohan in a press conference called out disabled children as a curse for the parents.

He was addressing people regarding Coronavirus and advised people not to store stuff or else they will be punished by the state and as well as by God.

He stated, “The people who adopt this ideology of storing stuff gets punished. Allah punishes them by giving them ‘disabled children’.”

The Iron Lady of Pakistan, Muniba Mazari who is an activist for differently-abled people raised her voice against this.

She took to social media and called out Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chohan for his shameful remarks for differently-abled children.

“Is this for real? I’m appalled & disgusted!” she stated.

The Iron Lady appealed Prime Minister to take action. She wrote, “Imran Khan (official) Sir, I hope you watch this & ask your team to have some empathy, wisdom, decency and grace! This is Shameful!.”

PS: I am a person who’s differently abled & my mother takes pride in what I’ve done for my country so far!” Muniba Mazari proudly said.

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