Mehndi Designs 2020 – Best Ones Only

Mehndi Designs 2020 – Best Ones Only

The art of Henna or in simple terms Mehndi design has been around for centuries. The usage of Mehndi originated from its healing, cooling and medicinal properties. People in hotter areas used mehndi for cooling affect and because it left stains on the skin, that is what basically gave the idea for decorative purpose and Mehndi designing. This later grew into a trend and Mehndi became deeply rooted into people’s lives.

Here is the list of Mehndi Designs You Will Love in 2020

Henna or Mehndi is now a form of art and an expression of happiness in a lot of regions and cultures around the world. When it comes to celebrations or any occasion, be it marriage, birthdays, religious festivals or any festivity, women rely on Mehndi designs to make it special. Women love Mehndi and designing for decorative purposes and adorn themselves with it. Mehndi has become a symbol of portraying happiness and celebratory events in everyone’s lives.

Mehndi has been a huge part of Asian, Arabian and African cultures but in recent years, it has garnered a lot of popularity in Western cultures too. This has also given the art of Mehndi designing various forms like white mehndi or tattooed mehndi which is different and unique than the regular mehndi that we all know and well and truly love.

Mehndi are the most unique way of adorning oneself and it is incredible how much margin there is for showcasing one’s creativity and designs. There are numerous ways of putting on Mehndi and let’s have a look over some of the popular designs:

Simple Mehndi Designs:

Simple Mehndi Designs are the kind of designs that are easy to be applied for the mehndi artists. Such kind of designs are not complicated and make the application very effortless. Simple designs do not mean that they can not be on the heavy side but they don’t require too much intricate work. Simple mehndi designs are mostly Eid appropriate. On Eids, not everyone likes to go for heavy and fuller designs, that is why people go for simple mehndi designs.

Simple Mehndi Designs 1

Simple Mehndi Designs 2

Simple Mehndi Designs 3

Simple Mehndi Designs 4

Simple Mehndi Designs 5

Simple Mehndi Designs 6

Simple Mehndi Designs 7

Simple Mehndi Designs 8

Simple Mehndi Designs 9

Simple Mehndi Designs 10

Simple Mehndi Designs 11

Simple Mehndi Designs 12

Simple Mehndi Designs 13

Simple Mehndi Designs 14

Simple Mehndi Designs 15

Simple Mehndi Designs 16

Simple Mehndi Designs 17

Simple Mehndi Designs 18

Simple Mehndi Designs 19

Simple Mehndi Designs 20

Simple Mehndi Designs 21

Simple Mehndi Designs 22

Simple Mehndi Designs 23

Simple Mehndi Designs 24

Simple Mehndi Designs 25

Simple Mehndi Designs 26

Simple Mehndi Designs 27

Simple Mehndi Designs 28

Simple Mehndi Designs 29

Simple Mehndi Designs 30

Simple Mehndi Designs 31

Simple Mehndi Designs 32

Simple Mehndi Designs 33

Simple Mehndi Designs 34

Simple Mehndi Designs 35

Arabic Mehndi Designs:

Arabic Mehndi Designs are mostly floral and flowy. There are a lot of gaps in between the flow of the mehndi in arabic mehndi designs and it lets the hands show through. In Arabic mehandi designs, you will find a combination of bold and intricate designing, which compliment each other so well to form a beautiful design. The mehndi is designed in the patches but there is still a flow in the overall designing. Arabic mehndi seems uniquely beautiful because of the curvy and flowy designing. Arabic mehndi designing shows that without covering the entire area, you can still make it look beautiful.

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Arabic Mehndi Design 1

Arabic Mehndi Design 1

Arabic Mehndi Design 1

Arabic Mehndi Design 2

Arabic Mehndi Design 3

Arabic Mehndi Design 4

Arabic Mehndi Design 5

Arabic Mehndi Design 6

Arabic Mehndi Design 7

Arabic Mehndi Design 8

Arabic Mehndi Design 9

Arabic Mehndi Design 10

Arabic Mehndi Design 11

Arabic Mehndi Design 12

Arabic Mehndi Design 13

Arabic Mehndi Design 14

Arabic Mehndi Design 15

Arabic Mehndi Design 16

Arabic Mehndi Design 17

Arabic Mehndi Design 18

Arabic Mehndi Design 19

Arabic Mehndi Design 20

Arabic Mehndi Design 21

Arabic Mehndi Design 22

Arabic Mehndi Design 23

Arabic Mehndi Design 24

Arabic Mehndi Design 25

Arabic Mehndi Design 26

Arabic Mehndi Design 27

Arabic Mehndi Design 28

Arabic Mehndi Design 29

Arabic Mehndi Design 30

Arabic Mehndi Design 31

Arabic Mehndi Design 32

Arabic Mehndi Design 33

Arabic Mehndi Design 34

Arabic Mehndi Design 35

Arabic Mehndi Design 36

Arabic Mehndi Design 37

Arabic Mehndi Design 38

Arabic Mehndi Design 39

Arabic Mehndi Design 40

Arabic Mehndi Design 41

Arabic Mehndi Design 42

Arabic Mehndi Design 43

Arabic Mehndi Design 44

Arabic Mehndi Design 45

Arabic Mehndi Design 46

Arabic Mehndi Design 47

Arabic Mehndi Design 48

Arabic Mehndi Design 49 Arabic Mehndi Design 50

Arabic Mehndi Design 51

Arabic Mehndi Design 52

Pakistani Mehndi Designs:

Pakistani Mehndi Designs are a bit on the fuller side as compared to the arabic mehndi designs. They are flowy but cover the surface of the hands more. There is a lot of filling in the mehndi designs. Pakistani mehndi designs usually include motifs that are floral, leafy, intricate, dotted and then they all are filled leaving some gaps in between. Another signature mehndi designs is the circular motif popularly known as ‘tikka mehndi’. It is everyone’s go-to mehndi design. It can be simplified or heavily designed as well. The circular motif is the essence of mehndi design. Even though that motif is simple but brides also go with it because it looks classic and timeless.

Pakistani Mehndi Design 1

Pakistani Mehndi Design 2

Pakistani Mehndi Design 3

Pakistani Mehndi Design 4

Pakistani Mehndi Design 5

Pakistani Mehndi Design 6

Pakistani Mehndi Design 7

Pakistani Mehndi Design 8

Pakistani Mehndi Design 9

Pakistani Mehndi Design 10

Pakistani Mehndi Design 11

Pakistani Mehndi Design 12

Pakistani Mehndi Design 13

Pakistani Mehndi Design 14

Pakistani Mehndi Design 15

Pakistani Mehndi Design 16

Pakistani Mehndi Design 17

Pakistani Mehndi Design 18

Pakistani Mehndi Design 19

Pakistani Mehndi Design 20

Pakistani Mehndi Design 21

Pakistani Mehndi Design 22

Pakistani Mehndi Design 23

Pakistani Mehndi Design 24

Pakistani Mehndi Design 25

Pakistani Mehndi Design 26

Pakistani Mehndi Design 27

Pakistani Mehndi Design 28

Pakistani Mehndi Design 29

Pakistani Mehndi Design 30

Pakistani Mehndi Design 31

Pakistani Mehndi Design 32

Pakistani Mehndi Design 33

Pakistani Mehndi Design 34

Pakistani Mehndi Design 35

Pakistani Mehndi Design 36

Pakistani Mehndi Design 37

Pakistani Mehndi Design 38

Pakistani Mehndi Design 39

Pakistani Mehndi Design 40

Pakistani Mehndi Design 41

Pakistani Mehndi Design 42

Pakistani Mehndi Design 43

Pakistani Mehndi Design 44

Pakistani Mehndi Design 45

Pakistani Mehndi Design 46

Indian Mehndi Designs:

Indian Mehndi Designs are varied but they are on the heavier side as compared to Arabic or Pakistani mehndi designs. Indian mehndi designs are very delicate and intricate. Indian mehndi designs cover the entire hands and feet with all kinds of patterns and motifs. Indian mehndi designs is also based on thicker, bolder and intricate, delicate designs merging into one another to form a beautiful layout. Indian mehndi design is unique and requires a lot of practice and precision to be applied perfectly.

Indian Mehndi Design 1

Indian Mehndi Design 2

Indian Mehndi Design 3

Indian Mehndi Design 4

Indian Mehndi Design 5

Indian Mehndi Design 6

Indian Mehndi Design 7

Indian Mehndi Design 8

Indian Mehndi Design 9

Indian Mehndi Design 10

Indian Mehndi Design 11

Indian Mehndi Design 12

Indian Mehndi Design 13

Indian Mehndi Design 14

Indian Mehndi Design 15

Indian Mehndi Design 16

Indian Mehndi Design 17

Indian Mehndi Design 18

Indian Mehndi Design 19

Indian Mehndi Design 20

Indian Mehndi Design 21

Indian Mehndi Design 22

Indian Mehndi Design 23

Indian Mehndi Design 24

Indian Mehndi Design 25

Indian Mehndi Design 26

Indian Mehndi Design 27

Bridal Mehndi Designs:

Bridal mehndi designs vary for different countries and regions. For Arabs, bridal mehndi design still stays on a less heavy side. When it comes to Pakistani and Indian brides, they go for heavy designs that take up to hours to be completely applied. Usually mehndi designs start from forearm and cover the entire arm and hands. Feet are also an important canvas where the mehndi is applied. Bridal mehndi designs are usually symmetrical and follow the same pattern on both the arms and feet.

Bridal Mehndi Design 1

Bridal Mehndi Design 1

Bridal Mehndi Design 2

Bridal Mehndi Design 2

Bridal Mehndi Design 3

Bridal Mehndi Design 4

Bridal Mehndi Design 5

Bridal Mehndi Design 6

Bridal Mehndi Design 7

Bridal Mehndi Design 8

Bridal Mehndi Design 9

Bridal Mehndi Design 10

Bridal Mehndi Design 11

Bridal Mehndi Design 12

Bridal Mehndi Design 13

Bridal Mehndi Design 14

Bridal Mehndi Design 15

Bridal Mehndi Design 16

Bridal Mehndi Design 17

Bridal Mehndi Design 18

Bridal Mehndi Design 19

Bridal Mehndi Design 20

Bridal Mehndi Design 21

Bridal Mehndi Design 22

Bridal Mehndi Design 23

Bridal Mehndi Design 24

Bridal Mehndi Design 25

Bridal Mehndi Design 26

Bridal Mehndi Design 27

Bridal Mehndi Design 28

Bridal Mehndi Design 29

Bridal Mehndi Design 30

Bridal Mehndi Design 31

Bridal Mehndi Design 32

Bridal Mehndi Design 33

Meaningful Bridal Mehndi Designs:

This trend is predominant in Indian bridal mehndi design where a lot of meaningful things are mentioned in bridal mehndi. Those things usually are bride and groom’s pictures. The name of the groom is also written on the brides’ hands. Skylines of the cities are also made and used as the starting points of the bridal mehndi design on the forearms, they represent the cities the couple belongs to. Cultural and religious symbolism is also added in the bridal mehndi designs which adds more meaning to the bridal mehndi for the bride.

Meaningful Bridal Mehndi Design 1

Meaningful Bridal Mehndi Design 2

Meaningful Bridal Mehndi Design 3

Meaningful Bridal Mehndi Design 4

Meaningful Bridal Mehndi Design 5

Meaningful Bridal Mehndi Design 6

Meaningful Bridal Mehndi Design 7

Meaningful Bridal Mehndi Design 8

Feet Mehndi Designs:

After hands, feet are another canvas where Mehndi designs are made. This mostly happens for brides where along with hands, their feet are adorned with mehndi as well. Just like hands and arms, feet mehndi designs vary and one can go for completely covered and heavy designing or keep it minimal and simple.
Feet Mehndi Designs 1

Feet Mehndi Designs 1

Feet Mehndi Designs 2

Feet Mehndi Designs 2

Feet Mehndi Designs 3

Feet Mehndi Designs 4

Feet Mehndi Designs 5

Feet Mehndi Designs 6

Feet Mehndi Designs 7

Feet Mehndi Designs 8

Feet Mehndi Designs 9

Feet Mehndi Designs 10

Feet Mehndi Designs 11

Feet Mehndi Designs 12

Feet Mehndi Designs 13

Feet Mehndi Designs 14

Feet Mehndi Designs 15

Feet Mehndi Designs 16

Feet Mehndi Designs 17

Feet Mehndi Designs 18

Feet Mehndi Designs 19

Feet Mehndi Designs 20

Feet Mehndi Designs 21

Feet Mehndi Designs 22

Rosette and Filigree Mehndi Designs:

Roses are a huge part of any mehndi design. Different takes on roses and then the flow along with it makes any design look gorgeous on the hands. However, in recent years, we have seen a trend of rosette mehndi designs, which is formed into delicate tracery like filigree. It is the same pattern that is made on the entire hand and looks nothing less than a beautiful glove of roses. Florals and filigree mehndi designs are one of the most beautiful mehndi designs.
Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 1

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 1

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 2

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 3

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 4

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 5

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 6

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 7

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 8

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 9

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 10

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 11

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 12

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 13

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 14

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 15

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 16

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 17

Rosette And Filigree Mehndi Designs 18

Criss Cross Mehndi Designs:

Criss Cross Mehndi Designs are more of a graphic take on the mehndi. They are symmetrical and and look sharp. Criss cross mehndi designs cover the canvas and surface beautifully. Criss cross designs are hard to apply but it gives a very timeless and classic look to the hands and feet.
Criss Cross Mehndi designs 1

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 1

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 2

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 3

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 4

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 5

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 6

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 7

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 8

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 9

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 10

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 11

Criss Cross Mehndi designs 12

White Mehndi Designs:

After conventional mehndi, white mehndi craze has surfaced in recent years. White mehndi not only is a different take on the traditional, widely used mehndi, it is also a beautiful substitute as well. White mehndi is in trend in Western countries and also in the South East Asian countries. Whereas in South Asia, the regular mehndi is irreplaceable.

White Mehndi Designs 1

White Mehndi Designs 2

White Mehndi Designs 3

White Mehndi Designs 4

White Mehndi Designs 5

White Mehndi Designs 6

White Mehndi Designs 7

White Mehndi Designs 8

White Mehndi Designs 9

White Mehndi Designs 10

White Mehndi Designs 11

White Mehndi Designs 12

White Mehndi Designs 13

Black Mehndi Designs:

Black mehndi is widely used in African countries and it has made its way into Arab countries too. Black mehndi designs look the best when they are not covering the hands completely. Due to the black color, the less is more approach is the best way to go about it. Black mehndi designs are usually floral and look incredible.
Black Mehndi Designs 1

Black Mehndi Designs 2

Black Mehndi Designs 3

Black Mehndi Designs 4

Black Mehndi Designs 5

Black Mehndi Designs 6

Black Mehndi Designs 7

Black Mehndi Designs 8

Black Mehndi Designs 9

Black Mehndi Designs 10

Black Mehndi Designs 11

Black Mehndi Designs 12

Black Mehndi Designs 13

Black Mehndi Designs 14

Black Mehndi Designs 15

Black Mehndi Designs 16

Black Mehndi Designs 17

Red Mehndi Designs:

Red Mehndi is popular in the region of India and Pakistan. Red mehndi is also a different take on the traditional mehndi. The mehndi design is the similar as any other Indian or Pakistani mehndi but the stain it leaves is red, which makes it stand out a little more and looks absolutely beautiful.

Red Mehndi Designs 1

Red Mehndi Designs 2

Red Mehndi Designs 3

Red Mehndi Designs 4

Red Mehndi Designs 5

Red Mehndi Designs 6

Red Mehndi Designs 7

Red Mehndi Designs 8

Red Mehndi Designs 9

Red Mehndi Designs 10

Red Mehndi Designs 11

Red Mehndi Designs 12

Red Mehndi Designs 13

Ornamental Mehndi Designs:

This is a comparatively recent trend in the world of mehndi design too. It is a break from the traditional and typical mehndi designs that we have seen over the years. Ornamental mehndi designs include a lot of motifs, chains and dotted patterns. Ornamental mehndi designs make it look like one is wearing a jewellery of some sort on the hands and it looks beautiful.

Ornamental mehndi designs 1

Ornamental mehndi designs 1

Ornamental mehndi designs 2

Ornamental mehndi designs 3

Ornamental mehndi designs 4

Ornamental mehndi designs 5

Ornamental mehndi designs 6

Ornamental mehndi designs 7

Ornamental mehndi designs 8

Ornamental mehndi designs 9

Ornamental mehndi designs 10

Ornamental mehndi designs 11

Ornamental mehndi designs 12

Ornamental mehndi designs 13

Minimalistic Mehndi Designs:

Breaking free from the traditional heavy mehndi designs, the new trend is of minimalistic designs. Such designs are very dainty and are unique. Minimalistic mehndi designs are more like making a statement without putting in too much effort. These kind of designs are good for busy mums-on-the-go as well who barely get a time to wear mehndi, therefore they can rely on such designs and have that joy of wearing a mehndi. In minimalist mehndi designing, there is a lot of margin of creating different and unique designs which are unconventional and not typical.

minimalistic Mehndi Design 1

minimalistic Mehndi Design 2

minimalistic Mehndi Design 3

minimalistic Mehndi Design 4

minimalistic Mehndi Design 5

minimalistic Mehndi Design 6

minimalistic Mehndi Design 7

minimalistic Mehndi Design 8

minimalistic Mehndi Design 9

minimalistic Mehndi Design 10

minimalistic Mehndi Design 11

minimalistic Mehndi Design 12

minimalistic Mehndi Design 13

minimalistic Mehndi Design 14

minimalistic Mehndi Design 15

minimalistic Mehndi Design 16

minimalistic Mehndi Design 17

minimalistic Mehndi Design 18

minimalistic Mehndi Design 19

minimalistic Mehndi Design 20

minimalistic Mehndi Design 21

Finger Mehndi Designs:

Finger mehndi designs can be labeled as a subcategory of minimalistic mehndi designing. You can go a little heavy handed and cover your entire fingers with mehndi and it will look beautiful. This is comparatively a newer trend too and those who do not want their entire hands to be covered, they go for finger mehndi designs. This is what the beauty of mehndi is that everyone can have a different take on it and it still brings joy to the one who is getting their hands adorned with mehndi.

Finger Mehndi Designs 1

Finger Mehndi Designs 2

Finger Mehndi Designs 3

Finger Mehndi Designs 4

Finger Mehndi Designs 5

Finger Mehndi Designs 6

Finger Mehndi Designs 7

Finger Mehndi Designs 8

Finger Mehndi Designs 9

Finger Mehndi Designs 10

Finger Mehndi Designs 11

Finger Mehndi Designs 12

Finger Mehndi Designs 13

Finger Mehndi Designs 14

Finger Mehndi Designs 15

Finger Mehndi Designs 16

Finger Mehndi Designs 17

Finger Mehndi Designs 18

Finger Mehndi Designs 19

Finger Mehndi Designs 20

Finger Mehndi Designs 21

Finger Mehndi Designs 22

Finger Mehndi Designs 23

Finger Mehndi Designs 24

Finger Mehndi Designs 25

Kids Mehndi Designs:

When it comes to mehndi, young girls are very passionate about it too. They love getting the mehndi applied on their beautiful small hands. They Make a very cute little canvas for the mehndi artists. For little girls, no festivity, especially Eid is complete without mehndi.
Kids Mehndi Designs 1

Kids Mehndi Designs 2

Kids Mehndi Designs 3

Kids Mehndi Designs 4

Kids Mehndi Designs 5

Kids Mehndi Designs 6

Kids Mehndi Designs 7

Kids Mehndi Designs 8

Kids Mehndi Designs 9

Kids Mehndi Designs 10

Kids Mehndi Designs 11

Kids Mehndi Designs 12

Kids Mehndi Designs 13

Kids Mehndi Designs 14

Tattoo Mehndi Designs:

Tattoos are not meant for everyone, mainly because they are permanent and not everyone is comfortable with the idea of having their bodies tattooed. That thing has been taken care of by tattoo mehndi designs because they can be applied anywhere and they are eventually going to fade away. Tattoo mehndi designing allows everyone to experiment and create their vision in the form of mehndi. Tattoo mehndi designs are also more like statement pieces.

Tatoo Mehndi Designs 15

Tatoo Mehndi Designs 16

Tatoo Mehndi Designs 17

Tatoo Mehndi Designs 18

Tatoo Mehndi Designs 19

Tatoo Mehndi Designs 20

Tatoo Mehndi Designs 21

Tatoo Mehndi Designs 22

Tatoo Mehndi Designs 23

Tatoo Mehndi Designs 24

Tatoo Mehndi Designs 25

Tatoo Mehndi Designs 26

Tatoo Mehndi Designs 27

Tatoo Mehndi Designs 28

Tatoo Mehndi Designs 29