Meera Jee Takes A Stroll Near White House Amidst Pandemic Threats

Meera Jee Takes A Stroll Near White House Amidst Pandemic Threats

While the world is urging everyone to keep a distance, stay at home and keep ourselves locked inside to avoid being struck or transfer the deadly coronavirus to our families, Pakistani actress Meera is busy roaming around the streets in Washington DC. sightseeing the White House.


“Health is wealth health awareness #coronavirus practicing social distancing, with the ones I love stay safe lovely walk alone outside in the park practicing social distancing. Stay safe during #corona @whitehouse @ #washingtondc #meerajee,” wrote Meera on her Instagram while she posts a video of herself strolling across the White House.

“I am in front of the White House,” says Meera before she mentions Corona prevention techniques and reminds people to frequently wash their hands and to improve their immune system so that they can prevent themselves from contracting the virus.

meera 2

Earlier the Pakistani actress was seen attending 23rd March celebration with the Atlanta Pakistani community and again risking a number of lives with close social contact at such a large public gathering in the US.

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Meera Jee and her leisurely stroll could be putting a lot of people to risk. Shouldn’t Meera Jee bhi practicing social distancing like everyone else rather than roaming around in the US, where the number of affected people has already surpassed that of China.