Mahira Khan’s Epic Response To A Troll

Mahira Khan’s Epic Response To A Troll

Pakistan is in critical condition like many other countries in the world due to COVID-19. People are dying daily and the number of patients is increasing at a very rapid speed. Scientists and doctors are failing to find a cure. All we can do is stay inside the home, avoid social gatherings, and protect ourselves. The virus spreads through touching, nose, and mouth, so maintain at least one-foot distance while talking to others.

Pakistani celebrities are posting their videos to create awareness among their fans and to tell them some precautionary measures that they can take to control the situation. All major cities are fully locked down for fourteen days to stop the virus. Everyone is making videos, again and again, to advise their fans to stay at home.

Mahira Khan is one of the topmost actresses of Pakistan. She has a huge fan following nationally and internationally. Like other celebrities, she made a video to share some dos and don’ts with her fans which are necessary for this critical situation. Washing hands, maintaining social distancing, and not creating panic is something common that everyone is saying.

But people want to know what these celebrities are doing to help the needy ones. One of a girl commented under Mahira’s picture saying, “These all you so-called celebs do, just talk and write. How much have you taken out of your bank to help some of those in need?” This is something everyone wants to know.

Mahira Khan, being a superstar, gave an amazing response and message to the girl’s comment. She said, “should I show you? Because if I do you will say something else about how one should not show what they do. You and the likes are not ones we need to prove anything to. At least in these times stop being negative. It is time to be good, kind, less judgemental… we have been given this chance. Let Him be the judge. Take care”.

What do you all think? Is it necessary for everyone to share anything good they do on social media? Tell us in the comments section below.

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