Lucifer Cast 2020 in Real Life

Lucifer Cast 2020 in Real Life

Lucifer is an American Urban television series. Tom Kapinos developed this series that premiered on the channel FOX on 25 January 2016. This series is based on the Comic character made by Mike Deingenberf, Sam Kieth, Neil Gaiman. They have taken this concrete from the book THE SANDMAN. Warner Bros. and Jerry Bruckheimer, DC Entertainment, produce this series.

In this, the story revolves around the devil Lucifer Morningstar. In LA, he abounded Hell, where he has his nightclub Called” LUX” and becomes the LAPD consultant.

This series is getting popular day by day, and now it is Airing on Netflix, and viewers are eagerly waiting for its next season. This series primarily focuses on Tom Ellis, who plays the character of Lucifer Morningstar. he is one of the most powerful and beautiful angels who was thrown out of Heaven because of his betrayal. Lucifer tries to be happy as a Lord of the Devil and punishing people and becoming unhappy and increasingly bored with his life in burning Hell. He decided to resign from the throne and abandons the kingdom for LA. In Los Angels, he ended up starting his nightclub. In the murder investigation, he meets the detective Cloe Deckeres and becomes the consultant to the LAPD organization.

In the entire series, he changes his personality into something opposite to the devil inside him. His selfishness and stubbornness confused the detective who he is in reality.

This engaging series and other supporting character brings excitement and suspense in the series and engage the views. Several characters are in the show, but only some of them stand out, and some others fail to make their way to the audience’s heart. So let’s find out more about your favorite characters.

ELLA (Aimee Gracier)

Aside from it, she is a fun-loving character who is funny at some moments. She did a brilliant job in the series that makes her way on the viewers’ favorite list.

Ella Lopez is Aimee Gracia, in real life. She was born in Illinois, Unites States, on 28 November 1978. She brought up in Detroit and a strict Catholic family with the protective and watchful eyes of 5 brothers. Do you know she graduates from the dental school of Northwestern University?

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TRAUMA — Pictured: Amiee Garcia as Marisa Benez — NBC Photo: Michael Muller

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EVE (Inabir Lavi)

One of the hottest stars of season four is the EVE, and she comes to the Earth to find her first love, Lucifer. She loves adventures and always look for something exciting and engaging. She never wants to involve in anything wrong. EVE’s passion for Lucifer causes the fans to despise her.

Inabir Lavi was born in the city of Israel, Ramat Gan, on 27 October 1986, and her parent is Israeli-born, and her father is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent. And her mother is of Sephardic Jewish descent. In her childhood, she suffered from Asthma and had to utilize nebulizers. During that phase, she watched various moves, and it was when Inabir fell for the cinema. She loves to dances and learn modern and ballet dance at Kriyat Sharer high School, Israel. She polishes her acting skills from the Sophi Moskowitz School of Acting.

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Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling)

Cain, aka Marcus Pierce, is the central character in the 3rd season as it is the primary antagonist. He was the boss of Ella Lopez, Dan Espinoza, and Chloes Decker and LAPD Lieutenant.

The actor Tom Ellis plays the role of Marcus. He was born on 26 April 1977 in NYC. His family moved to various cities and made stops in Michigan, Delaware, Wisconsin. In Okemos, Michigan, he attends high school. It was when he started participating in plays, but after some time, he switches to games. Welling played soccer and baseball, but basketball is his favorite sport. He has three siblings, one younger brother and two older sisters.

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LOS ANGELES, CA – MAY 10: Actor Tom Welling attends the launch of “6 Bullets To Hell” the video game and the movie on May 10, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Linda. (Rachael Elaine Harris)

Linda Martis is the Lucifer therapist and lives in LA. The ruler of Hell, Lucifer, visits her as a therapist. Later on, she becomes an excellent friend of Lucifer and another character in the series.

Linda or Rachael Elaine Harris was born in Unites Satyeson, 12 January 1968. She is an American comedian and actress. She went to Otterbein College for her education. Christian Hebel, the violinist, and Harris eloped on 30 April 2015 and exchanged the rings in NYC. She has two children. But because of a particular unknown reason, she filled for devorce in 2019.

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Charlotte Lee Richards (Tricia Janine Helfer)

In the series, Tricia Janine Helfer played the role of attorney, SHorltey being murdered, Goddess took over on the body as the vessel while looking for Lucifer. You must be curious to find out about this character is really like,

Tricia Janine Helfet is the one who plays the character of Charlotte Lee Richards. She was born in Canada on 11 April 1974. In the Donalda, Albers here parent Elaine and Dennis received the God bless in shapes of her. For high school, she went to Stettler Alberts. Tricia worked and lived on the family farm. The modeling agency found her when Janine was standing in a queue at the movie theatre with her relatives. She is decent in Swedish, Norwegian, English, and German.

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Amenadiel (David Brain Woodside)

He is God’s Son; he came to the Earth to drag Lucifer, his brother, to Hell. He was made by Goddess and God several years ago. It is one of the most potent and most muscular angels.

David Brain Woodside played the character of Amenadiel and was born on 25 July 1969 and is an American actor and got his degree from the Albany Yale Univerisity and the State University of Newyork. Woodside also has one daughter with Golden Brooks, the actress.

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CHLOE (Lauren Christine German)

Chole the Loss Angels Police Department homicide detective and she is a partner of Lucier.

Lauren Christine German plays the role of CHLOE, and she was born on 29 November 1978 and an American actress. She had the central role in the award-winning romantic film A Walk To Remember. She was born in California, German father is a vascular surgeon, and her grandfather ( paternal), James German, was born in Amsterdam. He was Dutch. Her grandfather shifted to the USA with his family in 1909. Lauren attended the Orange County High School of Arts and Los Alamitos High School, and She studied anthropology at the form University of Southern California.

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Lucifer, the soul and the heart of the show is quite cocky, charismatic, and lovable. All the Lucifer fans would like to know more about his early and personal life. Let me find out who he is in reality.

The real name of your all-time favorite character Lucifer is Thomas John Ellis, and was born on 17 November 1978. He attended his high school in Sheffield and loved to play Fren Honors. HE studies BA Dramatic from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

He married English actress narrator and presenter Tamzin Outhwaite. But they separated after eight years. In 2019 he married mover and television screenwriter Meaghan Oppenheimer.