Humayun Saeed’s View On Legendary Dialogue Do Takay Ki Aurat

Humayun Saeed’s View On Legendary Dialogue Do Takay Ki Aurat

Meray Pass Tum Ho became one of the most loved and watched dramas of the year. It gained massive popularity for the outstanding cast, emotional dialogues, and new storylines. We have seen men cheating their wives for someone else, but Meray Pass Tum Ho was completely different. It was about a poor husband, a greedy wife, and a rich businessman.

The drama became a hit for its dialogue, “Do Takay Ki Aurat Ka Liya Tum Na Mjhay 50 Million Offer Kiya Tha.” People started calling Mehwish Do Takay ki aurat throughout the drama.

Waseem Badami called Humayun Saeed as a guest on his show, Har Lamha Purjoosh. He asked Humayun if he feels that women are criticized in the drama or in its famous dialogue Do Takay ki Aurat? Humayun immediately said, “No!” According to him, Do Takay is used commonly by everyone in their daily routine, but it gained a lot of popularity or attention because of the situation.

A man who kept himself silent throughout the starting episode was so exhausted that he called his own wife Do Takay ki Aurat. The situation made the dialogue popular.

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