Hira Mani Is Being Criticized Under Her

Hira Mani Is Being Criticized Under Her

Hira Mani is the talk of the town ever since she played the role of Hania in Mera Pass Tum Ho. Some appreciated her for doing an amazing job, but many criticized her character. How can a teacher talk about love to her students? What kind of relationship does a teacher share with her students? Many passed negative comments to her but she ignored them all.

Hira Mani is an active social media user. She keeps herself updated on social accounts to share her daily routine with her fans. Currently, the world is facing some serious issues, CoronaVirus. It all started in China and now it is killing thousands of people all over the world.

The government of Pakistan is making awareness of coronavirus through electronic media. Celebrities are sharing precautionary measures with their followers. But Hira Mani is busy making fun of it. She first uploaded a video while singing “Corona Mjhay Na Hoona” on piano, and her video went viral over the internet. People criticized and abused her under the video.

Today, Hira and Mani took a coronavirus test and it came out negative. To share this news with others, she uploaded a picture with her husband being so close and still wearing masks. The comments are full of negativity. Everyone is saying that it’s not the time to post romantic pictures, but instead, pray for your fellow brothers.

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