Hasnain Lehri- Complete Information

Hasnain Lehri- Complete Information

Hasnain Lehri happens to be one of the best male models in Pakistan. Lehri is perhaps the only male fashion model who has won multiple awards and has received 4 consecutive awards at the Lux Style Awards (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) for the Best Male Model Category.

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Hasnain Lehri Age

Hasnain Lehri was born on June 24 in 1984. The model is currently 36 years of age.

Hasnain Lehri Modelling Career

Hasnain Lehri started his career as a fashion model in 2014 and soon established himself as one of the leading models working with well-known brands and designers in the country. Hasnain Lehri is ranked as Pakistan’s Most Handsome Faces and not only that. The model was also chosen as one of the Top 100 Sexiest Asian Men in a poll conducted by Eastern Eye in 2017.

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Hasnain Lehri Father

Hasnain Lehri’s father is the Sardar of the Lehri tribe in Quetta. Hasnian was also born in Balochistan but currently resides in Karachi.

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Hasnain Lehri Brother

Hasnain Lehri’s younger brother Mansoor Lehri, who Hasnain lovingly referred to as Gugu Jaan, passed away in May last year i.e. 2019. The young man died of a cardiac arrest and left his family, especially Hasnain feeling incomplete and heartbroken with the loss.

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Hasnain Lehri Wife

Hasnain Lehri isn’t married yet. The 36 year old model has been in a relationship with model turned actress Sabeeka Imam but they both broke up last year.

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Hasnain Lehri Girlfriend

Hasnain Lehri got into a relationship with model/actress Sabeeka Imam. The duo’s relationship became known to their fans when Sabeeka Imam shared a video of the two and Hasnain commented on it saying how he got butterflies when he saw her, even after being together for one year. As the date goes, Hasnain and Sabeeka dated each other for two years, before breaking up in 2019. Sabeeka Imam, also publicly announced her and Hasnain’s breakup.

Currently the two share a complicated relationship as Hasnain keeps sharing heartbreaking posts on his Twitter, while Sabeeka seems to have moved on. Recently the model was linked with singer Bilal Saeed, while Hasnain Lehri has maintained a low profile after his breakup with Sabeeka Imam.

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