Hamza Ali Abbasi Has A Beautiful Message For His Wife

Hamza Ali Abbasi Has A Beautiful Message For His Wife

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar Khan make an adorable couple. The duo look absolutely beautiful together and complement each other in all aspects. Hamza, who has a very inactive presence on his Instagram, however, makes sure, he replies and follows his wife on her social media, expressing his love for her, every now and then.

This time, Hamza shared a picture of himself and Naimal with a beautiful calligraphy that she had made for him 2 years ago.

“We took this picture almost 2 yrs ago when i asked my artist friend for a painting & she made me this beautiful calligraphy. I had absolutely no idea that this friend of mine will become my wife and Allah’s most precious gift for me,” wrote Hamza Ali Abbasi on his Instagram.

Thanking Allah for giving him a blessing in disguise as Naimal, Hamza further stated, “Thank you Allah for making me fall in love with this amazing and beautiful human being and thank you for making her love me back. 7 months have gone by since we got married and i thank Allah for every second i spend with you. I LOVE YOU @naimalkhawarkhan.”

Hamza and Naimal tied the knot back in August last year. The duo have been inseparable since then and are a loving couple, that all of us absolutely adore.

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