Feroze Khan’s Real Life Story Will Make You Cry

Feroze Khan’s Real Life Story Will Make You Cry

Feroze Khan is on fire these days. Maybe it’s because he decided to quit showbiz and devote his life to the search and teaching of Islam. Everyone wants to interview him, talk to him, and to know the reason behind his decision.

Waseem Badami’s show, Har Lamha Purjosh, is the most-watched show of this time. He invites celebrities on his show and asks them some controversial questions. They can either be related to their personal or professional life, their opinions and statements, and their relation with other co-stars.

Feroze Khan was invited as a guest on Waseem’s show. He played his most famous Bouncer Round. Waseem asked him that after getting so much fame, money, importance in the industry, what was missing in his life that he chose the spiritual path. What was the reason that made him realize that this world is temporary and Allah’s part is permanent?

Feroze shared the childhood memory that he used to study in APS school, his father was a cab driver and he couldn’t afford his fee, so he got admission to some convent school, totally different from APS. He was over-weight and kids used to bully him. But he never gave up, he worked hard day and night to become a successful actor, and he achieved his goal. But this made him realize that Allah is the one who blessed him with so many blessings. From nowhere to here, it’s all because of Allah Almighty.

This realization changed his whole life and he is happy about it. What do you all think of this? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.