Feroze Khan Is Starting His Own Clothing Brand

Feroze Khan Is Starting His Own Clothing Brand

What’s the purpose of our life? Is it to become rich? Is it to earn lots and lots of money? Or is it living a happy and satisfied life with what Allah has blessed? Once you know the real meaning of life, you start following the path of Allah and HIS Prophet (P.B.U.H).

Feroze Khan lived a successful life as an actor. He was at the peak of his career when he finally realized that this world is temporary. You have to go back to Allah one day, so do good deeds as much as you can and please Allah.

Feroze Khan announced that he won’t work as an actor now. He quit showbiz and will live his life according to the teaching of Islam. For a living, Feroze Khan is going to start his own clothing line very soon.

He said that he is working on his own brand and will announce the news in the coming days. He further added that he got an offer of the main role for a Hollywood movie, but he rejected it. He chose the path of Allah and will continue to provide his services for the teaching of Islam.

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