Feroze Khan Is Quitting Showbiz Industry

Feroze Khan Is Quitting Showbiz Industry

Feroze Khan, one of the most talented Pakistani actors, has finally announced that he quit the showbiz industry.

Feroze Khan performed Umrah last year. He then started meeting Mulana Tariq Jamil to know more about Islam. He started appearing less on the television screen and focused more on his spiritual path.

Feroze took to his Twitter and announced the good news for his fans. He quit his acting career and will provide his services for the teaching of Islam. He requests everyone to pray for him and his beloved ones.

Feroze Khan also tweeted on Khalil and Marvi’s controversy. He shared the Quran verse which states that women should cover their faces with a piece of cloth so no one can stare at them. He shared another Quranic quote which states that Men should keep their eyes down that will make them more pure.

What do you all think of Feroze’s decision of quitting showbiz? Tell us in the comments section below.

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