Faryal Mehmood Praises Daniyal Raheal’s Photography

Faryal Mehmood Praises Daniyal Raheal’s Photography

Actress Faryal Mehmood praises her man’s photography skills in an Instagram post. She praised Daniyal Raheal for surprising with his talents.

Faryal Mehmood captioned, “My man took this picture!!! Can you believe this?! I’m not even wearing foundation !! I mean my god @daniyalraheal you keep surprising me with all these talents that you got goin on!!! So yeah(picture by my new favorite)

The stunning couple is currently dating and they share a beautiful bond of love and friendship with each other.

The cute duo confirmed their relationship status on Bol Nights With Ahsan Khan and said, “We are in a relationship.” They also shared that they are not planning to get married soon and their marriage news will be spontaneous and will announce suddenly.

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