Farhan Saeed Talks About His Upcoming Film

Farhan Saeed Talks About His Upcoming Film

Good looking and capable, Farhan Saeed is a standout amongst the most famous personalities in Pakistan. He is a standout amongst the best vocalists who given his voice both in Pakistani and Indian film. Farhan made his acting debut with ‘De Ijazat Jo Tu’ and has since turned out to be an incredible TV actor.

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Lately Farhan talked about his new upcoming film “Tich Button”, with Something Haute.

Farhan Saeed started off with when they used to go to cinemas, they thought that they could do much better than this. This was the moment when they realized that It’s easier said than done, we should do something on our own now instead of talking.

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Main cast of the movie consist of four powerful personalities of media industry, including Farhan Saeed, Feroze Khan, Iman Ali and Sonya Hussain.

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Farhan mentioned, To be honest It was difficult to work while shooting for a film as a producer. Film is a very difficult thing to do, It’s just like a war which you have to fight every day till the shooting of the film is completed”.

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“We did shooting in difficult times and difficult scenarios. I’m thankful to all the actors for tolerating us. They all were actors, It was not a big deal if they wouldn’t have came along with us every time, but they did. They all were very cooperative”, says Farhan Saeed.

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Furthermore, Farhan said that everybody has performed so well. From paper till It’s done It was amazing. I hope everyone likes it.

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While talking about the releasing date Farhan said that we are clueless right now unfortunately because of Corona. Till everything will not be settled down we can’t take a risk to release it.