Faisal Qureshi Wife | Beautiful Family Pictures

Faisal Qureshi Wife | Beautiful Family Pictures

Pakistani actor Faysal Qureshi celebrated the birthday of his lovely wife, Sana Faysal. He is a family man who loves to spend little moments with them, therefore, whatever the event is Faysal tries his best to make it memorable and enjoyable for his family.

Sana Faysal is his third wife but they seem to be living a happily married life. They share a special bond of understanding and trust that makes their relationship more strong. She has been his constant support and encouraged him to achieve his life’s goals. To make her feel special and loved, Faysal Qureshi arranged a surprise birthday party to show how important she is to him.

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Faysal called all close family friends of Sana Faysal on her birthday to make her day even more special. A proper themed birthday party was arranged for her and the family took several pictures to make this birthday memorable.

Here are some of the beautiful pictures of Faysal Qureshi celebrating the birthday of his gorgeous wife, Sana Faysal. Scroll down to check them out!

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