Fahad Mustafa Advice To His Sindhi Fans

Fahad Mustafa Advice To His Sindhi Fans

People are not taking coronavirus seriously. They believe that they won’t get affected. Nothing can happen to them and are making fun of those who are taking precautionary measures. But they don’t know how serious this disease is. People are losing their lives because of it. Listen to the government and stay in isolation for some days.

The government of Pakistan has locked down major cities to control the situation. Every shop will remain closed for fourteen days except for general stores and pharmacies. People are requested to stay inside the home and come on roads only in case of an emergency.

Pakistani celebrities are playing an important role in creating awareness about coronavirus. They are making videos for their fans and followers to tell them what they should do to stay safe. Fahad Mustafa recently made a video advising his Sindhi fans to protect themselves and others from coronavirus.

He talked in the Sindhi language so that his fans could understand everything easily. He said that the virus spreads in gathering or when someone physically interacts with the COVID-19 patients. Try not to shake hands. Maintain a one-foot distance while talking to someone. Cover your face with a mask as the virus enters from the nose or mouth. Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

These are some advice that Fahad Mustafa gave to his Sindhi fans. Share your precautionary measures with us in the comments section below.

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