Dua Malik Might Leave Showbiz For Islam

Feroze Khan announced to leave the showbiz to spend his life in the way of Islam. In a similar way, Feroze Khan’s sister Dua Malik made a shocking announcement in a recent interview.

The host of the show asked Dua Malik about Feroze Khan’s tweet of leaving showbiz. On which she replied, “Such kind of tweet will come from me as well.

Dua Malik also added, “And I think after me, Humamia Malick will also be posting such kind of tweet.

The singer also said that this influence on their lives is by Allah only.

From quite a long time, Malik family has been spotted with renowned scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel and people thought that he has influenced Feroze Khan.

On which Dua Malik commented, “Just because pictures with him are going viral, it is not the influence of one person. In your healing process, there is the influence of a lot of things in which few things are spiritual, people, music, events and some books as well.”

She also added, “In the journey towards of Allah, there are a lot of things and Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab has played a big role.”

Dua Malik shared the story of struggle and said, “We all siblings are self-made, we have faced hardships from a young age so because of that at this age we are moving towards the Islamic teachings.”

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