Did Fahad Mustafa Ever Use Whitening Injections

Did Fahad Mustafa Ever Use Whitening Injections

Fahad Mustafa’s name needs no introduction. The actor cum host is not only famous for his films but more for his game show Jeeto Pakistan on ARY Digital.

This year Fahad Mustafa will again be taking over cinemas in Pakistan with his upcoming film Quaid E Azam Zindabad opposite Mahira Khan. The film is a Nabeel Qureshi directorial and a Filmwala Pictures production.

While Fahad Mustafa’s popularity knows no bounds in Pakistan, the actor has often been blamed for one thing; i.e. using whitening injections to brighten his complexion.

Talking to Momin Ali Munshi on his digital talk show, Fahad Mustafa answered the question very relevantly.

“I didn’t get whitening injections but I’ll tell you this. Ten years ago, we had to struggle when we went on a shoot. It had to be taxis, buses or even bikes when we traveled for work. Today I have a complete entourage with me. Moreover makeup and products have changed.”

“Yes, I did go to a skin doctor, got myself night creams, who doesn’t. I follow my skin care routine rigorously. People have seen me and my dad. We’re like this only. But these days I’m following one agenda, no makeup. So look at me, this is how I am. This is exactly how I look,” added the Actor in Law star.

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