Best Responses From Ali Zafar’s Session

Best Responses From Ali Zafar’s Session

Popular singer and actor Ali Zafar is quite active on social media and stays connected with his fans and followers.

The Teefa In Trouble actor had a question and answer session on his Instagram handle. He answered the most asked questions from his fans.

Ali Zafar as PM:

Ali Zafar played ‘If I were the PM’ and he gave some solutions to handle COVID-19.

Quarantine activities by Ali Zafar:

There are so many activities suggested by Ali Zafar including; reading, writing, praying and meditating.

Ali Zafar’s suggested the fantastic movie:

When a fan asked for a suggestion for movie, he recommended his own movie.

Ali Zafar believes ‘we all are heroes in our own stories’:

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