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Beautiful Look of Bride in Current Corona Virus Situation

by faree

Beautiful Look of Bride in Current Corona Virus Situation

Corona Virus has became a pandemic that has affected the whole world. A number of people has died because of Novel Corona Virus. More than 190 countries are effected by COVID-19. Unfortunately Corona Virus has also attacked Pakistan. World Health Organization has announced the precautionary measures one must opt in order to decrease the risk of catching the virus. Staying at home and social distancing is one of the main way which can decrease the spread of COVID-19. People in Pakistan are not taking these measures seriously. Even though government has announced holidays so that everyone stay home, gathering of more than 50 people is banned and all the marriage halls are asked to cancel the weddings. But in Pakistan people know how to make a way out of every situation. As this is wedding season and a lot of marriages were due to held in March and April. Some people has postponed wedding ceremonies while other decided to attend the wedding which is indeed not a good thing to do under these crucial circumstances. Wearing Masks is a basic thing we all practice now a days to deplete the risk of catching corona virus. So our brides are also practicing the same ritual. Some brides wore fancy bridal masks and other wore simple masks on their wedding. Lets have a look at these photographs:

Punjab and Sindh Governments have announced complete lock down for several days. Now it is our duty to show seriousness and to stay home and save ourselves and others from this fatal virus, Stay safe everyone, stay at home!

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