Aima Baig’s Contemptible Remarks About Aamir Liaqat

Aima Baig’s Contemptible Remarks About Aamir Liaqat

Another year and another controversy by Dr. Aamir Liaqat.

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Aamir Liaqat is already a controversial anchor and in the recent interview with Adnan Siddiqui he made some insensitive remarks about Sri Devi and Irrfan Khan.

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Later on Adnan Siddiqui issued an apology letter after which Dr. Aamir Liaqat also shared a video message and apologized for his words.

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Many actors also came forward and bashed Aamir Liaqat Hussain. One of which is Aima Baig. She badly whacked Aamir Liaqat Hussain and said he is a disgrace to our nation.

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“Why was amir liaqat even given a platform?? Let me guess To disgrace our nation with his brainless jokes which btw only he finds humorous.”