Ahsan Khan Raised His Voice For Men

Ahsan Khan Raised His Voice For Men

We are living in a society where men and women have equal rights to live their lives just the way they want. If women are working or taking care of their homes, then men are working hard day and night to keep their families happy and financially strong. People talk about women’s rights, but no one ever took a stand for men’s rights. No one appreciated men and encouraged them for devoting their lives to their families.

Ahsan Khan, a talented and tremendous actor of Pakistan entertainment industry, has finally raised his voice for men. Ahsan Khan invited Hina Altaf and Nimra Khan as guests on his show, Bol Night With Ahsan Khan. They talked about their personal and professional lives, the struggles and hurdles they faced throughout their journey.

Ahsan Khan said that women and men face discrimination somewhere in their life. Some men are following the negative path, but there are several who are living a positive life like our fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons. A good man respects his mother throughout his life, takes good care of their sisters, fulfills their wife’s needs and demands, and raises their daughters in the best way possible.

Men and Women should get equal respect. What do you all think of Ahsan’s statement? Tell us in the comments section below.

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