Aap News Anchor In Heated Debate With Aurat March Activist

Aap News Anchor In Heated Debate With Aurat March Activist

In Pakistan, 8th March is the day when people attend Aurat March to speak up for the rights of women, men, and transgenders. Many people do not support it and it is that time of the year again when everyone starts debating about Aurat March and its slogans.

Aap news anchor invited Aurat March activist and discussed the purpose and popular slogans of Aurat March. The anchor asked about the slogan ‘Mera Jism Meri Marzi‘.

The activist replied, “I completely support it but it is being misinterpreted. It started from the western slogan ‘My body my choice’ which is known as pro-choice.”

Anum Rathore also talked about the rights given to women in the constitution. “In our constitution, the rights of women are given.”

The host of the show opposed the slogans from Aurat March and said, “There are some slogans which I can’t even say on national television and you as organizers can’t see what these slogans are about?

On which the activist replied, “We talk about feminism for 99% of women but the slogans which are going viral on social media are photoshopped.”

The edited short clip is making rounds on social media in which the host is asking questions and the activist’s answers are mostly removed.

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