10 Beauty Trends That Should Disappear From Pakistani Dramas

10 Beauty Trends That Should Disappear From Pakistani Dramas

Camera always demands a certain level of preparation from the actors before appearing in front of it. This gives birth to beauty trends that the actors sport in their projects. After a lot of trial and errors, they get a hold of all the tips and tricks that may work on them but when it meets the eyes of the audience, they fail to do what the actors relied on them for. Makeup and actor’s job go hand in hand, this is the reason the makeup artistry has evolved so much over the years and the cosmetic industry is thriving.

Pakistani actors are more image conscious than ever before, because the showbiz industry has become far too competitive and everyone wants to look their absolutely best. This is the reason they often rely on makeup to take the edge off and target the issues the actors are conscious about. They also rely on makeup to add age or certain look to their characters. However, the results may or maynot be flattering when they appear on-screen. Drama viewers have also become quite aware about the beauty trends and they can easily differentiate between what looks good on an actor and what doesn’t. With so many skilled makeup artists and hairstylists at their disposal, it is actually shocking to see the actors not paying heed to minute cosmetic and styling details which actually creates the overall look of the character and helps it appear to be realistic or relatable. It is a fact that those actors who opt for realistic looks without paying too much attention to the cosmetic and glamorous side of the job tend to convey the emotions of the character with a lot of ease, this way the audience also connect with such characters more and find them closer to reality.

Here at the 10 beauty trends that should go away from Pakistani dramas:

Poorly Attached Hair Extensions

This has to be one of the most irksome beauty trends that the Pakistani actresses have started resorting to recently. Hair extensions add volume as well as give the actresses the desired length they want to achieve the look of their character. Properly attached and merged hair extensions do the job pretty well, however when unblended with the natural hair, hair extensions stick out like sore thumb and instead of enhancing the overall beauty of the character or actor, they end up being a massive distraction. The hairstylists should pay special attention to the proper usage of hair extensions and should know that they can not get away with unblended hair pieces

Stark Brown Uniform Hair Color

It seems as if one actress these days is responsible for buying the hair dyes for her co and fellow actors, therefore without dwelling into much hassle and making it hard for herself, she buys multiple packs of hair dyes in single color and then they get together at one place, apply the hair dye to each other’s head and voila! End up looking exactly the same. There is no variety whatsoever in the hair color that is being currently seen in Pakistani dramas. What’s wrong with sporting beautiful natural hair color. There’s nothing wrong in sporting a hair dye too, but having some variety or difference in choice of color is not injurious to health!

Male Actors Wearing Lip Tints & Eyeshadows

This has to be one of the most unflattering beauty trends that Pakistani male actors have been relying on for years. Venomish purple, rosey pink, cherry red, orangish orange, peaches, you name it, they have worn it on their lips. Having some color on lips or face is probably the demand of the camera to not make the look so washed out but some actors take it too far and end up looking like they ate all the tinted candies that were available in the tuc shop nearby or probably decided to financially help the humble pan vendor by eating the entire pan supply of the day. Some actors also go as far as defining the crease of the eyes with brown eyeshadows and also accentuate the eyes by cutting an edge at the end, giving them more cat-eye, feline effect, which is best suited for female actors!

Precisely Shaved Beards

This look goes well if it is the demand of the character, where a male character is meant to show something special about him but these days, every other male actor sports the same look. No one is telling them to go around with untrimmed, untamed, unshaved beards, but making them look like they had used a ruler and measuring tape beneath the trimmer to achieve the perfect and precise lines is a bit of a stretch. Especially in those scenes when the actors’ lives turn upside down, what doesn’t budge is the lining of their beards!

Cheapest Wigs

If you ever want to see a tutorial on how a badly installed, cheaply made wig looks like on someone’s head, all you have to do is tune to Pakistani dramas because you will get a huge variety. It will also convince you that you don’t have to do this to yourself because you will end up looking funny. This is one thing that the actors should really be wary of because cheaply made wigs might scratch and injure their scalps. Oh the itch!

Powdery Under Eyes

This trend has recently become widely popular among Pakistani actors, male and female both. This one takes after the famous contouring and highlighting trends where the attention is brought to certain areas of the face using banana/yellow powders. It is mostly applied under the eyes, on the bridge of the nose, center of the forehead and chin to bring attention to these areas. The undereye banana powder that Pakistani actresses use is always unblended and doesn’t really do the job it is applied for. It further accentuates the eyebags or hollows under their eyes and more than the actress screams, the powdery finish seems to be screaming far more for a fix+ on top to mellow down the powdery look!

White Washed Faces

If there’s ever going to be a petition against a beauty trend in Pakistani dramas, it should be this one. White washed faces of all the actors who have a beautiful wheatish or even fair wheatish complexion. It is not only ridiculous but also very distracting to see dusky faced beautiful actors ending up looking grey and ashy due to a failed attempt of looking fair and lovely. A lot of actors do speak up about representation of all the beautiful skin tones that Pakistanis are blessed with, but when it comes to dramas, it seems the producers and the actors themselves do not really want to wear their real complexion with pride, hence the white washed faces. It is about time that the narrative of fair being beautiful is changed. In Pakistani dramas fair is equivalent to grey as elephant and that most certainly is not an ideal look.

Few White Strands To Show Old Age

If you want to look old, it’s better to spread the white fibres all over your head to look realistic but keeping the glamorous side of the job in mind, a lot of actors tend to only wear a white strand to show they have aged a lot. This is another unflattering, unrealistic trend which doesn’t really do justice to the overall look or feel of the character.

Perfect Makeup While Crying

This has to be one of the most unrealistic beauty trends that prevalent in Pakistani dramas. If after white-washed faced, there’s one trend that deserves a petition against it, it is this one because no one in the first place wears so much of makeup when the life is turned upside down and if by chance you’re glammed up and end up crying when the emotions kick in, the makeup is the first thing to smudge on your face and turn you into a Dayan from Diana. Pakistani actresses probably wear sweat proof, heat proof, water proof, tear proof, mazloomiyat proof and bechargi proof makeup because no matter how bad circumstances are in their lives, the rosiness of their cheeks doesn’t subside, the mascara doesn’t budge and they look pretty, pretty unrealistically!

Johnny Bravo Puffs

Johnny Bravo is the stud still loved by the viewers who used to watch him. He was known for his hairstyle but it seems Pakistani actors are very much stuck on him and fail to accept that there are a lot more hairstyles that they can experiment with. The hard cardboard like puffs on the heads of the male actors, which stand tall amidst the storms and natural disasters not only look monotonous but also very unrealistic. It is unrealistic for them to always have gelled back puffs stuffed on their heads, that too in the humid weather of Pakistan.

This concludes the list of 10 beauty trends that should change in Pakistani dramas. Which one of these annoy you the most? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.

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