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Honda Increases Bike Costs Yet Yet again For No Reason

by faree
Honda Increases Bike Costs Yet Yet again For No Reason

Since the early 1990s, Atlas Honda’s bikes comprise remained largely the the same, with true just a few make changes devour ‘new graphics’ stickers which are modified per annum.

There were just a few extra indispensable changes whereby Atlas Honda a miniature bit of modified the external make of the bike whereas conserving its physique and engine unchanged, and is attempting to account for the worth top charge with buzzwords devour ‘Delux’, ‘Dream’, or ‘Special Edition’ positioned with the bike’s favorite nametag.


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Despite their bikes no doubt last the the same within the past diverse decades, their prices were going up very much for no ample reason. A contemporary information update by Horsepower Pakistan detailed that Atlas Honda has yet any other tag hike coming for its bikes.

The next are the brand new prices that turned into nice on 3 Would possibly well most possible 2021:

Bikes Extinct Tag (Rs.) Revised Tag (Rs.) Tag Enlarge (Rs.)
CD-70 82,900 84,500 1600
CD-70 Dream 88,900 90,500 1600
Pridor 114,500 117,500 3000
CG-125 136,500 139,500 3000
CG-125 w/Self-Starter 164,500 167,500 3000
CB-125 F 197,900 200,500 3000
CB-150 F 252,500 255,500 3000

Despite the unreasonable tag hikes, Honda continues to remain at the discontinuance of the meals chain amongst the diverse bike manufacturers and sellers in Pakistan, which is both improbable and pitiful.

The contemporary offerings are what motorcyclists must decide for desire of choices available within the market.


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It’s a ways possible to be argued that there are so much of diverse commuter bikes in Pakistan to take from. Alternatively, with the exception of for true just a few bikes, the nametag is possible to be diverse but the product is the the same for the most part, which is why the frequent develop in prices despite the steadiness of the local currency does not make sense.

Now that Honda has elevated the prices of their bikes, its competitors in Yamaha and Pak Suzuki are most possible to spend swimsuit shortly.

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